Real Talkies

Real Talkies

Every cut is a lie. It’s never that way. Those two shots were never next to each other in time that way. But you’re telling a lie in order to tell the truth. –Wolf Koenig.

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Find below a list of documentary films that have blogged about. They are listed from the most recent to the oldest.


  1. INTO ETERNITY – A documentary about the word’s first permanent repository for nuclear waste that is radioactive for 100,000 years.
  2. MAKING THE BOYS – A documentary that explores the drama, struggle and enduring legacy of the first ever gay play and subsequent Hollywood movie to successfully reach a mainstream audience.
  3. 8 MURDERERS A DAY – This documentary investigates the current situation in Juarez – the murder capital of the world.
  4. EGYPT WE ARE WATCHING YOU – Documentary about 2005 elections in Egypt
  5. THE DEVIL COMES ON HORSEBACK -First person narrative about Darfur Genocide.
  6. SHOAH – Claude Lanzmann’s 9.5 hrs documentary an epic on the holocaust features interview with survivors, bystanders and perpetarators in 14 countries.
  7. WASTELAND – This documentary follows renowned artist Vik Muniz as he journeys to Jardin Gramacho the world’s largest garbage dump and his collaborative art project with the catadores.
  8. MAVERICK MOTHER – personal documentary about single motherhood.
  9. IRON LADIES OF LIBERIA – documentary about the first female president of Liberia.
  10. HACKING DEMOCRACY – Problems with electronic voting in America.
  11. STEALING AMERICA: VOTE BY VOTE – Documentary about electoral misconduct in America.
  12. UNCOUNTED – Election fraud and its impact on 2004 elections.
  13. OUT IN THE SILENCE – A documentary about gay visibility in small town America
  14. TAQWACORE: THE BIRTH PLACE OF PUNK ISLAM – A film that follows the progression of Muslim punk scene in America
  15. HUNGRY IN AMERICA – A documentary about hunger in America, which is like an invisible and unacknowledged disease in America.
  16. AMERICAN FEUD – About the history of conservatives and liberals.
  17. FINAL SOLUTION – A documentary that examines states role in promoting hate or dislike in the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat, India
  18. FREAKONOMICS– a documentary based on the best selling book Freakonomics.
  19. INSIDE JOB – Expose of the shocking truth behind the economic crisis of 2008.
  20. BUDRUS – Story of a Palestinian community uniting to save a village.
  21. THE KIDS GROW UP – A film that looks at parenting and what it means to let go.
  22. MASSACRE AT VIRGINIA TECH –  A documentary about the gunman responsible for the worst shooting in an American University.


  1. THE EDGE OF THINGS – A documentary about Lucille, a woman living with an acquired traumatic brain injury.
  2. BRAIN INJURY DIALOGUESRick explores the impact that brain injury has had on himself and other survivors.
  3. MARWENCOL – A film about the fantasy and real world of a person with traumatic brain injury.
  4. BAD BLOOD – A documentary that chronicles how a “miracle” treatment for hemophilia became an agent of death for 10,000 Americans.
  5. MY RUN – After Terry – Hitchcock’s wife died of breast cancer, he set out on a journey to bring awareness and a voice to the struggles faced by sinfle parent families and their children.
  6. SOUND AND FURY – A documentary about an extended family with three generations of deafness and their struggle over whether or not to provide their children with cochlear implants.
  7. COOL IT – The film explores global warming through Lamborg a provocative contrarian.
  8. THE CHOSEN FAMILY – MY FLESH AND BLOOD – A filma bout a single mother with 11 adopted children and 10 of them have either physical disability or chronic debilitating illness that is Susan’s life on a daily basis.
  9. MONICA and DAVID – Two individuals with Down Syndrome fall in love and get married.
  10. UNFORGOTTEN – 25 YEARS AFTER WILLOWBROOK – a documentary about state institutionalization and abuse of people with mental retardation in the US.


  1. EL AMBULANTE – A story of a 67 year old man, Daniel Burmeister – a dreamer, story teller and a jack of all trades. His mission is to make a movie in 30 days casting the villagers as actors and then premiere the film in that village and move on to the next village.
  2. BILL CUNNINGHAM NEW YORK – A delicate, funny and often poignant portrait of a dedicated artist whose only wealth is his own humanity and unassuming grace.
  3. YES MADAM, SIR – A documentary about Kiran Bedi the first woman to join the Indian Police Service in 1972 and become the highest ranked female officer.
  4. BHUTTO – A two hour documentary about the first woman to lead a muslim nation – Benazir Bhutto.
  5. AND EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE FINE – A documentary about talented, fascinating and troubled, Spalding Gray – a story teller in many genres who committed suicide in 2004.
  6. SAINT MISBEHAVIN’: THE WAVY GRAVY MOVIE – A documentary about Wavy Gravy an entertainer and activist.
  7. CLIENT 9 – THE RISE AND FALL OF ELIOT SPENCER – A documentary that takes an in-depth look at the rapid rise and dramatic fall of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.
  8. AMARGOSA – life and times of 74 year old Marta Becket, a dancer, painter and musician who abandoned the hustle and bustle of the dance world in New York  to settle in Death Valley Junction


  1. Invasion of Kuwait and first Gulf War – Class of 1990


  1. UNDER THE BOARDWALK – A documentary about monopoly


  1. BABIES – First year in the life of four babies from Nigeria, Mongolia, Japan and San Francisco.
  2. BOXING GYM – Fredrick Wiseman’s documentary captures the sub culture of a boxing gym.


  1. CAPTURING REALITY: THE ART OF DOCUMENTARY – The film is a journey into documentary film making with some of the world’ top directors.
  2. STORY TELLING – Realtalkies author’s take on story telling


  1. BETWEEN THE FOLDS – Documentary about Origami.


  1. Traumatic Brain Injury Documentaries- BRAIN INJURY CAN LAST A LIFETIME
  2. Gulf oil Spill Documentaries – IN MEMORY OF APRIL 20 2010
  3. Documentaries about Libya – LIBYAN MOMENTS ON CELLULOID
  4. American Vote Counting – HOW DOES AMERICA COUNT ITS VOTES?
  5. Drinking Water Documentaries – THIRST QUENCHERS
  6. Transgender Issues Documentaries – HE SHE SPECTRUM
  7. Gay Marriage Documentaries – GOODBYE PROP 8
  8. Oscar nominated short documentaries 2011 – OSCAR NOMINATED SHORT DOCUMENTARIES ARE

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