Real Talkies

Real Talkies

Every cut is a lie. It’s never that way. Those two shots were never next to each other in time that way. But you’re telling a lie in order to tell the truth. –Wolf Koenig.

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The Art of Letting Go

January 2, 2012 , , , ,


Dear God, Save Me! This is much harder than I thought.

Today, Jan 2nd 2012, we filmed Sharon Marroquin learning to climb, glide and suspend using a silky sash, under the tutelage of super talented Nicole at theBlue Lapis Light Studio.

After a few warm up exercises, Nicole guided Sharon through basic silk climbing moves. Nicole coiled her leg around the silk slash and shifted her weight upward and drifted in space with such ease that it seemed like child’s play. Sharon followed clumsily, her fingers, hands, shoulder and core muscles screamed for a break. She knew climbing the silk was going to be hard but did not expect it to be this hard.

Exactly two years ago, in Jan 2010 While Sharon was at her break in the teacher’s lounge, she received a call about her breast cancer diagnosis. Since that day, she says she walks around in the world disguised as Sharon and her body is like a foreign puzzle with missing pieces. ‘Foreign Puzzle’ is a documentary (directed by Chithra Jeyaram) in production that explores the transcending phase of human experience, where we confront our deepest fears and become willing to experiment and embark on a journey where the end is not known.

Her battle with cancer gave Sharon, a modern dancer & choreographer, a renewed sense of purpose and a drive to create. In the subsequent months, as she was underwent chemotherapy, surgeries and radiation, she channeled her anger and frustration into an obsession. An obsession to create a dance called ‘The Materiality of Impermanence’ – about the volatile nature of life. Every night after she tucked her 7 year old son to bed, she deconstructed her ideas to create a dance that embodies and physically manifests her untold feelings. The documentary Foreign Puzzle chronicles 18 months of Sharon’s life and hopes to  answer the following question: Will creating an intensely personal dance help Sharon find a new equilibrium and unravel the puzzle of her life?

Sharon knows she has to be detached to survive this journey. One of the things she works at everyday is ‘Letting Go’; Letting go of what her life was, letting go of what she wishes her life should be and letting go of strong emotional attachments for loved ones. The image of a dancer clinging tightly to a white silk afraid to let go and climbing hard comes to her mind all the time.

Sharon wants to surrender to the journey of life and learning to climb the silk effortlessly and being able to pry open her fingers and suspend in stillness is important both literally and figuratively in this process. While Sharon struggled with the physicality of the lesson today, we believe it is only a matter of practice and time for a talented dancer like her to master the art of aerial silk climbing.

Aerial dance is like a trance. It is a mediative duet between the dancer and the fabric, were one floats and glides in space intertwined with the silk. The movements may appear light and effortless but it is a paradoxical state of intense activity and intense relaxation simultaneously. And that is exactly how we should live our lives – intensely engaged in the living with no fear of consequences. It is for this reason Sharon wants to climb the silk, hopefully the mastery of the physical will transcend in other dimensions too.

Chithra Jeyaram (Director, Foreign Puzzle)

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