Real Talkies

Real Talkies

Every cut is a lie. It’s never that way. Those two shots were never next to each other in time that way. But you’re telling a lie in order to tell the truth. –Wolf Koenig.

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In the wake of current events in Libya, Real Talkies has compiled documentaries and other non-fiction works from the nation.  It is funny to listen to Seif Gaddafi son of Gaddafi, uses words such as democratic system in Libya, cosmopolitan liberal society with diverse idea, or such things like “dialogue is more effective and more important than smart bombs and bullets”; “You can kill 100 or 1000 but next month they will be replaced”. Ghosh!

Gaddafi’s gamble (2004)

Gaddafi’s Gamble is a 35 minute documentary produced by Australian broadcasting corporation in 2004. For decades an enemy of the West, Libya is now desperately trying to rejoin the rest of the world. It is using its vast oil reserves — to woo back former foes especially the United States. Gaddafi’s Gamble asks: why now? The film explores Libya’s history, its dictator and and  its current state of affairs.  Gaddafi’s son seif Gaddafi and his heir apparent and Ashur Shamis one of Libya’s leading dissidents  (exiled in London) interviews are included in this short documentary.

Shadows of the leader: Qaddafi’s female bodyguards. (2004)

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Jailed Jihadist change tune (2009)

FIlmed in 2009, Saif al Islam, one of Moammar Gadhafi’s sons negotiates a peace deal with the former jihadist and ex-head of Libyan Islamic fighting group, Noman Benotman in the jail that would challenge Osama bin Laden. And indirectly, it will ensure the Libyan Islamic fighting group that engaged in jihadi tactics to replace the regime will be under caps and not a challenge to the regime. More Libyans join Al Qaeda in Iraq according to US forces and hence the western media was interested in what they were doing. The journalist have incredible access to the infamous Abu Salim Jail. This negotiation resulted in the making of a 400 page Jihadi code document – really interesting!


Personal and family documentaries put a human face to historical and political events and hence give us viewers, an access to a world that is usually lost in the midst of these massive political events of historical significance.

THE LAST JEWS OF LIBYA is a documentary about three generations of Roumanis who lived in the port city of Benghazi. But in essence it is the story of the entire Libyan Jewish community and the one million Jews of Arab lands that fled their homes around the time Israel became a state. But unlike other Arab countries, where a handful of Jews may have remained, not one of the 36,000 Jews living in Libya at the end of World War II resides there today.


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