Real Talkies

Real Talkies

Every cut is a lie. It’s never that way. Those two shots were never next to each other in time that way. But you’re telling a lie in order to tell the truth. –Wolf Koenig.

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January 6, 2011 , , , ,

Movie title

I don’t know how I feel about this film. Enjoyed it – entertaining, ridiculous, with lots of twists and turns, satire…BUT WHAT THE HELL WAS I WATCHING…I don’t know. Can’t think of a film that blurred so many lines – Was it real, was it fake, was it a prank, what was it?

It had all the necessary ingredients.  Unique characters, the ghostly shadow with electronic voice – supposedly Banksy and the funny, jobless yet obsessively preoccupied Thierry Guetta.Incredible insider access and unbelievable footage. And the film actually had a story line, it was questioning a lot of madness about art collection, what is perceived art, what we choose to market and celebrate and the phoniness of it all.

Ok this is really not about the movie but I do have a bias, I do love what Banksy did in Gaza. The photos below illustrate that.

Art on the westbank barrier

Mural by Banksy on the Separation Wall

A new york times article Titled: “Riddle? Yes. Enigma? Sure. Documentary?” summed up what one feels after seeing the film. The film is among the 15 feature documentaries shortlisted for academy award. The 83rd academy award nominations will be announced on January 25th 2011. My bet this film will make the nomination.

What I love most about the film is that it is so true to the street art it represents, revealing yet concealing, deceitful yet honest, simple yet complicated, original yet contrived, legal yet illegal. It is so difficult to capture that essence in such a palpable way and that is why people love to hate this movie and hate to love this movie.


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The best film EVER!!! I really loved it and so happy to see it in the Nominations…

Simon de Swardt

January 26, 2011

i finally got a chance to see the film the other day (after missing screenings at several festivals then in the theater too) and i’m not sure what it is either. but i did find it to be an entertaining and somewhat inspirational film. who doesn’t love street art?! (other than store owners and government officials).
but i also have to admit one thing i’ve always loved about street art is it takes it out of the gallery and into the world, for everyone to see and experience not just art patrons. it takes away the high art upper middle class hipster stigma away from art. finally.
and for bansky to make a “prankumentary” about the commoditization of street art, it puts the wink back into those clever audience members in the know and takes away from the spirit of street art in my opinion. it’s not for everyone anymore, just the select few. what i also wonder is if someone was flipping through channels and stumbled upon the film and watched w/out knowing the history or hype of the film, would any of these questions even be raised? or just a seemingly cool doc about street art. seems like it could be a missed opportunity to say something potentially greater…but perhaps that’s another film.

PJ Raval

January 28, 2011

and i won’t be surprised if it wins the Oscar for best doc!

PJ Raval

January 28, 2011

PJ I wont surprised if it wins the Oscar


January 28, 2011

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