Real Talkies

Real Talkies

Every cut is a lie. It’s never that way. Those two shots were never next to each other in time that way. But you’re telling a lie in order to tell the truth. –Wolf Koenig.

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November 5, 2010 , ,

Sometimes one wonders if having children is overrated. Is it assumed that a marriage has to result in children? Does a woman have to be cognizant of her “ticking biological clock”. When are you having children? Why are you not having kids? Do you realize you are not getting any younger? Why are you spending your time doing nonsensical things such as making movies, when that time can be wisely spent making and nurturing babies.

Romance, love, marriage and family are what most little girls dream of. The first three have happened in my life. Early on I was not sure if I wanted to start a family and later on my spouse was not sure. When in doubt it is best to avoid a disaster but Janet Merewether takes a different approach to her doubts, ticking clock and maternal needs. MAVERICK MOTHER is an hilarious yet poignant autobiographical hybrid documentary about film-maker Janet Merewether’s embarkation on a journey of pregnancy and solo motherhood.

I have never seen a 9 minute trailer before but Kinda glad that she made it this way. Tired of waiting for the perfect partner, and alarmed by the deafening tic-toc of her biological clock, 39-year-old filmmaker Janet Merewther decides to take life into her own hands and embark on a journey into the new social phenomenon of solo motherhood by choice.The film is a light heartened approach to  single motherhood, perceived societal norms and the perceptions and attitude to bold deviant behaviors.

MAVERICK MOTHER ultimately documents the emotional journey from pregnancy, childbirth and the first year of baby Arlo’s life through video diaries, photographs and studio reconstructions. Through the interweaving of observational video with performative and archival sequences, the documentary examines the role of ‘mother’ and ‘father’, as well as the outdated notion of ‘illegitimacy’ and the stigma attached to the term ‘single mother’.

Having or not having children is a major life altering decision and not everyone is made to be a parent. The author is empathetic to all those single women, single men, married couples and others who are torn apart by this choice. Whatever their ultimate choice is – the journey is going to be challenging and worthwhile.


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makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages


December 1, 2010

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